Covidien Ligasure

Covidien Ligasure Device and its Hand Tools.

Orthopedic Cast and Splint Products

PHIL-CAST™ and PHIL-SPLINT fiberglass product is in the form of woven tape developed by independent technology of ‘Mika’ and boosts highly outstanding flexibility and elasticity.

Wound Care Products

Our commitment is to identify our high quality products like wound dressing, bandages with the medicine professionals giving the best solutions of the healing for patients and easy application and versatility for the user..

Medical Papers - ECG and VPP

SONY 110 HG Video and Electrocardiography Chart Papers.

Our Company

Arte Company LLC was established in 2021 in New Jersey. It is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture and sales of medical disposibles and Ligasure Covidien devices with its hand tools. Products are exported to many countries and regions in Europe and USA. The main products are Cast, Splint, Wound Care, Video Printer paper Sony 110HG, ECG papers and other medical consumables. We have leading excellent sales, after sales service facilities and on time and secure shipping. We are committed to providing customers with a good service experience and becoming an expert in medical supplies around you!

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Mr.Emre Gunay +1 646 4672916

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